About Me

I am a voracious learner.

I always had a Computer Science bug since teenage years. I was fortunate to have a top ranked institute in my hometown. I graduated in CS.

After graduation, I joined the world of enterprise software consulting.

A decade ago, I left my job at Big-4 Consulting firm to join a small startup in Bangalore. Here, I built self-service HR for Cisco. Last I heard, It’s still being used by over 300,000 employees everyday. The small startup was acquired by CTS in the year I left.

Since then, I have worked closely with several founders (early stage to post-IPO) to convert opportunities into products, build teams, and drive engineering culture.

Every creator carries his share stories from the field. In this blog, you will find some of mine. Hope you enjoy reading them!


Reach me amolumbarkar@gmail.com. I reply within one business day.

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